Bonnie, I just want tot hank you again for the outstanding few days we spent with you guys. Our group with Marshall decided that out of all of our annual trips that we have been taking over the last fifteen years, this was by far the best. From the accommodations to the great staff right down to the guides and the boats, it was far better then we expected and when it comes to the meals, well my gosh, who would have believed gourmet dining in the middle of no where. Again my thanks and congratulations for such a great adventure.

One this I regret the most is not remembering to get your recipe for your amazing Whiskey Salmon from you the night before we left. Is it possible you could forward it to me? I truly would appreciate it. I tell ya, you are making a fish lover out of me with that dish. My family couldn't believe it when I told them about our spectacular seafood dinner our last night and that I actually choose one last piece of Whiskey Salmon over crabs legs. I am converted ha ha. Thanks again.

~ Doug Babiy

Hola, Bonita and Senor Bob!
It was great to see you guys again J . We had an amazing weekend. Thank you!
We’re just at the airport in Nanaimo, waiting on our flight.
Thanks for checking on the notes. They’re actually photo-copied, so we have the originals at home – no need to forward them, but thanks!

Thanks again for a wonderful visit. Great food, Fun fishing, and Wonderful hospitality!! Felt more like a weekend with family - you guys were all so great. We always highly recommend Harrison Cove, and you’ve just given us even more ammo for our rave reviews J. We’re really looking forward to our next visit.

All the best! Pls give Hurricane, Ice Cream and Cauliflower a hug from us J .. oh, well, I guess you can give Old Red a pat on the back from us too! lol
Cheers, .

~ Claudio and Alex

Bob and Bonnie, what a great trip we had with you guys. Everything was very nice. I would say trip of a lifetime but we plan on coming back next year with four more couples. I have them lined up now including Cindy and Carleton Bates. Next year about the same time. Give Sandy a big hug for me, and thank Eric for the pictures. I'll talk to you later. Get the sights fixed on those guns they are obviously off !! Best Regards,

~ Rick and Sherron, Austin Texas

Bonnie and Bob (and all the staff)
Thank you so much for providing such a terrific experience.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, but my boys also thought it was a great place and want to come back right away.  All of you made the stay pleasant, friendly and just out right awesome.  Ya, we could have caught more fish, but that pales in comparison to the overall experience.
There are so many things to remember:
1.  Unbelievable food
2.  Friendly staff – always willing to help and make the stay so easy.
3.  Paul braking numerous things (well maybe not so funny)
4.  Guitar and people singing on Saturday
5.  Fishing
6.  Accommodations
7.  The cove itself
8.  Watching the kids have the time of their lives.
I can't wait to come back and see everyone again.
Have a great summer!!!

~ Mark Howell

Again I can't thank you enough for the wonderful time you and your staff showed our party when we came at the end of June. The food and service was magnificent and you both went out of your way to organize extra curricular activities and fun events that made the whole trip so enjoyable. Everything was first class and you can guarantee that we will be back next year for both the mixed trip and the mens' trip. You are the bestest of hosts.

~ Brent Cunliffe

We are home safe and sound and hope you are relaxing, sipping a glass of good wine, and celebrating not only your anniversay but the success of the last few days !

Our truck was alive with stories of the 4 days we spent with everyone. We were surprised with the amount of fish caught. Steve says the season is only just beginning but I think it was the female influence that made the difference ( Donna, perhaps the boys will want the "harps" along every fishing trip). It was great to fish so close to the lodge, and especially nice to tie up right outside our rooms not to mention the 'cleaning and processing of the fish done for us, let me tell you I really appreciated that when we got home today.

The food was spectacular and I will be copying the seafood presentation for sure. We loved having our own room and bathroom, not something I expected at a fishing lodge, but the best was the staff, Bonnie and Bob you and your staff made it special for everyone, went the extra mile and it felt like one big happy family we were staying with.

Bob and Bonnie we wish you a successful season, you can charm and entertain whomever comes through your doors and we know everyone will leave with the same happy hearts as we did.

Thank you for a wonderful fishing experience and we are already looking forward to another next year.

~ Karen and Steve

'We had so much fun, already planning on coming back next season... We caught our limit, 16 salmon, several Coho and the 4 halibut including the mother load 84lber. We felt like bandits leaving the lodge with so much fish. we had 7 coolers full of fish!!! Dropped 5 springs off at St jean's for Indian candy due to Dogger's recommendation...By the way, we loved Clutch and Dogger . They were both so good, so professional and enjoyed their company. Dogger knew those waters like the back of his hand and we couldn't lose with him... Anyways, cannot say enough about the place, it was so good, the rooms were nice and comfortable too. Thanks so much and I am telling everyone about it.'

~ Glynis, Vancouver, BC.

'All I can say was that everything was amazing... The new set up of the lodge is great, it has a very comfortable feel and looks fantastic. The room was comfortable and the staff were so accomodating... I will be the first one to recommend that my business partners come there for a conference!'

~ Jim, Calgary, AB.

'It was another great trip and the new facilities are kick ass. As per usual, the service and hospitality second to none!'

~ Donnie, Nelson, BC.

'...further to my note, one thing that is done really well at Barkley Sound Lodge is the fish processing.. especially the vacuum packing. I have fished at a few other camps, and you do the best job at fish processing..... particulary the vacuum packing. It's labor intensive for Harrison staff but definitely appreciated by all the fishermen!'

~ Dennis, Regina, SK.

The fishing was excellent with my wife ( Pauline ) catching the second biggest of the year ( 42.5 lbs ). The friendliness of the staff and how far they would go to ensure your satisfaction, the food was excellent from the sandwich to go fishing to the snack in the afternoon to the main course in the evening. I would like to thank Tara you are doing an exceptionnal job, to our guide Tim Harrison and Jeff Brown ( Brownner ) you guys were awsome, Madeleine and Lynda to ensure everything was perfect and Gregg, Tony and Brent to ensure our catch was cut and wrap the perfect way. I can't say this enough thank-you for an exceptionnal and memories full trip. we will be back. P.S Tara I will send you Pauline picture with the big fish.

~ Denis & Pauline, Fort McMurray, AB.

'It was a great pleasure staying at Barkley Sound Lodge. Our group of six were personally taken care of right from the get go... Not only were we impressed by the magical beauty of this area, but we were also taken back by all the personal touches, and a genuine family feel from ALL the staff at Barkley Sound Lodge. Both of our guides, Browner and Clutch were not only knowledgeable, friendly, fun, and cool guys, but I was impressed at how good they were at reading people, and helping them build their confidence, etc... They both have the passion and loved what they were doing. You could easily tell. Even as the season comes to an end. They still have the passion.

~ Rob, Calgary, AB.

'I had the most fantastic time that I have had in a real long time last week. I haven't been able to get it off my mind since I got home last Thursday night. The lodge was just perfect, the ladies in the kitchen were unbelievable, Browner was a great guy (you couldn't have hooked us up with anyone better), the fishing was fantastic and last but not least the General Manager was a most gracious host and offered the kind of service that was second to none. You really did an outstanding job of making our whole experience a memorable one. Not to mention you really are a lot of fun too. Thanks very much for everything you and your team did for us last week.'

~ Tom, Calgary, AB.

'Just wanted to thank you again for looking after us so well. What a fantastic trip! I loved Barkley Sound Lodge and the fishing was awesome!

Particular things I want to mention are:

Terry - I have fished all over the world and he is one of the best skippers I have ever met. His boat is a credit to him and he worked tirelessly to give us the best chance of catching fish. Also a real friendly guy and great fun.

Ivan - top guy and really made sure we took fresh fish home. WOW what a taste.

You- for being such good fun and making sure we were well looked after at all times. You really made us feel that we were special guests of the lodge and that was lovely.

Please pass on our regards and best wishes to everyone there!'

~ Bob, U.K, 2006